Zurich Openair 2018

 It was one of the last summer weekends we had, so we made the most out of it with screaming and dancing at the Zurich Openair 2018.

This was my first time going to an actual festival, that wasn’t just for one day. Unfortunately, school started some weeks ago and because of that I missed out on acts like Imagine Dragons and Kendrick Lamar. That didn’t stop us from having the best time on Friday and Saturday.

We bought our tickets already almost half a year ago, which resolved in not knowing the acts that were playing. This was probably pretty risky, but we knew that no matter who is playing the music is going to be great. My favorites definitely were: Dennis Lloyd, songs like “Nevermind” or “Leftovers” are on top of my playlist, Alt-J, which I didn’t know before seeing the lineup, but I LOVE his songs and even more after seeing him life and Justice, a French DJ-Duo that had great beats.

The Zurich Festival is filled with nice food stands, different tents that are either full with tables to eat, lounges or DJ’s that give an option to the normal acts on the main stage. I feel like the age range was mostly between 20 and 30, so we were pushing that age down a little. Also, next to people dancing and enjoying the music, fashion was a big thing. There were loads of people with really nice outfits, maybe sometimes a little over the top for a festival…

The weather was on our site, which maybe didn’t look like it on the first glance, but we were supposed to have rain 24/7, the whole weekend. But, surprisingly we never really were in the rain, because the evening always cleared up. Nevertheless, our shoes were covered in mud and directly made their way into the trash.

Over all I loved it. It was a great first festival, it was a great weekend and it was the best end to an amazing summer.

The pictures are all taken by either a disposable camera (colored) or the old analog camera from my dad (black and white). This also mainly the reason why it took me so long to publish this, because I’ve just been too lazy to scan all the pictures. So here you go



La Dolce Vita in Italy

Going on vacation is probably most people’s favorite thing to do. But it’s an adventure itself when you pack your bags for a vacation with your best friends.

With a train and some unlucky train confusion we arrived in the little village Pella in Italy after around six hours. We were eight girls, in a house with three levels that had the rooms inside but the stairways and corridors outside. Our bedroom was a mess, our bathrooms were filled with make-up and we had mountains of food in the kitchen waiting to become our day and midnight snacks. This could be the nightmare for every mother but for us it was the recipe for one week of perfect Italian vacation.

Most of the time we had, we spent on two small boats and floaties in the middle of the lake. Almost catching a sunburn, blasting out loud music that varied from Spanish to English or our personal singing-favorite: Swiss…

On our second day we went up to the church that is literally on the edge of a cliff, which is called “Madonna del Sasso”. To get up there you need to take a train, that looks like a real-life toy-train and barely fits through the little Italian streets. The view from there was absolutely stunning and you could see the whole lake.

The following day we decided to take a boat tour to the other end of Lago d’Orta to see the weekly market of Omegna. Omegna is small and there are parts of it that almost reminded me of pictures from Venice or Amsterdam, but it’s definitely not a huge city. Italian markets are always really nice to stroll through and look at all the little pieces. My favorite part is always the food, which is really authentic! I ended up only buying a foot bracelet and some food for my family.

On our way back to Pella we stopped in Orta, which as my parents would say, is like Italy in the fifties which pretty much sums it up. There are no big stores but little jewelry boutiques and tourist shops.

Italy is always a treat. No matter if you end up in a big city, the beach or like us, a little village at a lake. We had the best week, not just traveling but spending time together. Especially after not seeing most of us for a whole year there’s a lot to catch up with. And something I got to experience was, that even if we didn’t see each other for so long the friendship stayed the same. We definitely didn’t live Italy wrong, because we tried the ice cream, the pizza, the pasta and the wine.

All in all Pella made us feel a little less swiss and a little bit more Italian and I am definitely not mad about it. Ciao and the next destination is England, stay tuned!

Winter Wonderland

The first fall of snow is not only an event. You go to bed in one kind of a world and wake up in another quite different, and if this is not enchantment then where is it to be found? J.B. Priestley

Hello everyone!

After quite a break of everything, school and unfortunately also writing for the blog I made it back and started like everyone else 2018. A new year and everyone still tries to keep up with all their resolutions. Personally, I feel like 2018 is going to be a great year and I am starting with only positive thoughts.

I love winter with all my heart and was really looking forward to the cold days. I got totally surprised a week ago, where Virginia Beach was snowed in and we didn’t have school for one week because of some inches. I was really happy of this second winter break, giving us time to just stay at home or what I still love to do: go outside in the snow. Apparently, this amount of snow is the most the East coast got in the past 30 years, and it for sure wasn’t what I expected when I chose Virginia Beach, because although I am from snowy Switzerland, I never had no school because of snow.

Traditions in America

  • Christmas Day, 25th of December (what I feel like is more celebrated than Christmas Eve)
  • Opening presents on the morning of Christmas Day
  • Cookies and milk for Santa
  • The Food on Christmas is often similar to Thanksgiving
  • And next to the New Year’s the only other winter holiday is probably Valentine’s Day on February 14th (which is I think more in the shops than in real life…)


Music Favorites:

so I mostly listened to Christmas Music, those are other songs I really like at the moment:

  • Dance For You – Beyoncé
  • Kiss Me Thru the Phone – Soulja Boy
  • Hvar (feat. MSP) – Kiso
  • Diana – Paul Anka
  • What a Day – Nemo (swiss musician!!)


Photo 09.01.18, 18 04 00
our street full of snow
Photo 09.01.18, 18 04 07
our street full of snow

Christmas Songs

To be honest, I started listening to those songs two months ago, but now it’s offically the countdown to Christmas. And there’s no December without good christmas songs to get you through the day, so here is my playlist:

Ariana Grande – Last Christmas

Ariana Grande – Not Just On Christmas

Ariana Grande – Santa Tell Me

Ariana Grande – Winter Things

Ariana Grande – Wit It This Christmas

Bobby Helms – Jingle Bell Rock

Bryan Adams – Christmas Time

Carly Rae Jepsen – Last Christmas

Celine Dion – So This Is Christmas

Cinematic Pop Ft. McKenna Breinholt – Hallelujah

Everly – Sleigh Ride

Fifth Harmony – All I Want For Christmas Is You

Idina Menzel Ft. Michael Bublé – Baby It’s Cold Outside

Jason Mraz – Winter Wonderland

Jose Feliciano – Feliz Navidad

John Lennon, The Harlem Community Choir, The Plastic Ono Band & Yoko Ono – Happy Xmas (War Is Over)

Justin Bieber – Drummer Boy

Justin Bieber – Christmas Eve

Justin Bieber – Misteltoe

Justin Bieber – Santa Claus Is Coming To Town

Kelly Clarkson ft. Trisha Yearwood, Reba McEntire – Silent Night

Kelly Clarkson – White Christmas

Kylie Minogue – Santa Baby

Leona Lewis – One More Sleep

Meghan Trainor – I’ll Be Home

Michael Bublé – Holly Jolly Christmas

Michael Bublé – Jingle Bells

Michael Bublé – Santa Clause Is Coming To Town

Michael Bublé – Silent Night

Pentatonix – That’s Christmas To Me

Pentatonix – Mary, Did You Know

Pentatonix – Winter Wonderland/ Don’t Worry Be Happy

Queen – Thank God It’s Christmas

R5 – Christmas Is Coming

The Ronettes – Sleigh Ride

Sarah Connor – The Best Side Of Life

The Saturdays – Christmas Wrapping

Straight No Chaser ft. Jana Kramer – Feels Like Christmas

She & Him – Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree

Shakin’ Stevens – Merry Christmas Everybody

Sia – Snowman

Sia – Santa’s Coming For Us

Sia – Underneath The Misteltoe

Train – Merry Christmas Everybody

Train – Shake Up Christmas


A Thanksgiving Weekend

Hi everyone!

For the first time, I experienced a traditional Thanksgiving, a holiday declared to say “thank you” and to realize what we have. Thanksgiving makes you think what you should be thankful for, because a lot of the times we don’t appreciate all the moments or opportunities.

In my case I realized, how thankful I should be to experience life in the United States and see a new part of the world. Of course, I wanted to say thank you to my family, my friends and all the people that supported me as I went away and still do every day. No matter what time of the day, someone always responds (the plus of having friends that do an exchange year, is that someone is always awake, somewhere around the world…) and all conversations over Facetime or Skype showed me that distance makes no difference.

But next to this I started to appreciate what makes me thankful here, the people and moments that made this first part of my exchange already so amazing. I can’t believe that I got to know so many new people and how open everyone was since the beginning. All the time I spent in Virginia Beach that made me feel home, because of the people that shared this time with me. Especially my hostsister, or as we call us sisters, that makes me feel home every day.

Thank you

Processed with VSCO with a9 preset
Norfolk, VA
Photo 26.11.17, 00 03 50
Norfolk, VA

Autumn Feelings

«Autumn killed summer with the softest kiss»

“Crunshing leaves, crisp air and warm hearts”

“And the sun took a step back, the leaves lulled themselves to sleep and Autumn was awakened.” – Raquel Franco

Hi everyone!

Before I start this post I want to explain this new idea that I recently had. To try something different, from now on there will be a ” season post” with small things giving you the right feeling and maybe some inspiration on what to do in the on going season. I hope you like it!

The days are shorter and the nights colder, when I start the day it’s completely dark now. I am totally in love with winter and autumn is the best way to get in the right mood for it. The most important thing in this time of the year is getting all cozy and fill the time with warm colors.


Traditions in America:

  • Halloween (10/31)
  • Thanksgiving (11/23/17)
  • Black Friday (11/24/17)
  • Pumpkin Carving
  • Apple Picking


Music Favorites: 

  • Lose It – Oh Wonder
  • Feel It Still – Portugal. The Man
  • Only the Poets – Marc E. Bassy
  • La dolce vita – Lacrim
  •  Too Good at Goodbyes – Sam Smith
  • Bloodstream – The Chainsmokers 
    Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
    Drinking hot chocolate is the very best

My Exchange Year Bucketlist

I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list.

Hi everyone!

Time flies by and now I’m already one month in America. I love it here and the people are very kind. To make this exchange year unforgettable and to create the most amazing memories, I decided to write my Bucketlist for the next nine months and of course to share it with you!

For those who don’t know what a “bucketlist” is, it’s actually only a list with experiences or achievements you want to do before you die. A lot of people do one for their whole life, I think it makes more sense to write one for every year. Because the things I want to do now, I probably don’t want to do them when I’m older and I have no idea in what kind of situation I will be then. Still there’s a nice idea behind it, especially if you create the list in your teenage years, because when you grow up you’ll see the dreams you had and you can realize experiences you might already forgot.

I decided to write a bucketlist for my exchange year, to make sure that it will be as amazing as I imagine it, and I am so sure it will be. Before you think “this is just another boring list, from an unrealistic dreamer”, no it’s not. Some of those things are already fully planned, the others are in planned in my head (and call me optimistic, but I think I can complete the list).

I am so thankful and happy to live this experience and to create a year full of memories, polaroids and new friendships.

So after this little introduction here’s my bucketlist and with this you may get some ideas what you want to do and you see what will follow on this blog.


  1. Visit Washington D.C.
  2. Bonfire at the beach
  3. Surfing
  4. Parasailing with my sister from Spain
  5. Picnic in the parc
  6. Homecoming
  7. Ringdance
  8. Baseballgame
  9. Hiking
  10. Walk at the beach in Christmas time
  11. Be part of the school’s musical
  12. Celebrate Halloween
  13. Celebrate Thanksgiving
  14. Go crazy on Black Friday
  15. Find a small beach
  16. Sunset and sunrise at the beach
  17. Driving without a roof and good music
  18. Doing a big BBQ
  19. Going swimming in a lake
  20. Having the time of my life

I hope you enjoyed this blogpost and here are some pictures of the last weeks.