Zurich Openair 2018

 It was one of the last summer weekends we had, so we made the most out of it with screaming and dancing at the Zurich Openair 2018.

This was my first time going to an actual festival, that wasn’t just for one day. Unfortunately, school started some weeks ago and because of that I missed out on acts like Imagine Dragons and Kendrick Lamar. That didn’t stop us from having the best time on Friday and Saturday.

We bought our tickets already almost half a year ago, which resolved in not knowing the acts that were playing. This was probably pretty risky, but we knew that no matter who is playing the music is going to be great. My favorites definitely were: Dennis Lloyd, songs like “Nevermind” or “Leftovers” are on top of my playlist, Alt-J, which I didn’t know before seeing the lineup, but I LOVE his songs and even more after seeing him life and Justice, a French DJ-Duo that had great beats.

The Zurich Festival is filled with nice food stands, different tents that are either full with tables to eat, lounges or DJ’s that give an option to the normal acts on the main stage. I feel like the age range was mostly between 20 and 30, so we were pushing that age down a little. Also, next to people dancing and enjoying the music, fashion was a big thing. There were loads of people with really nice outfits, maybe sometimes a little over the top for a festival…

The weather was on our site, which maybe didn’t look like it on the first glance, but we were supposed to have rain 24/7, the whole weekend. But, surprisingly we never really were in the rain, because the evening always cleared up. Nevertheless, our shoes were covered in mud and directly made their way into the trash.

Over all I loved it. It was a great first festival, it was a great weekend and it was the best end to an amazing summer.

The pictures are all taken by either a disposable camera (colored) or the old analog camera from my dad (black and white). This also mainly the reason why it took me so long to publish this, because I’ve just been too lazy to scan all the pictures. So here you go



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