English Vacation

“The world is big and I want to have a good look at it before t gets dark.” John Muir

If you think about England, things like rain or bad food maybe pop up in your head. Well, I spent two weeks on the coast of Cornwall with almost no rain and delicious food every day.

I totally fell in love with England, even though I only saw a little part of it. I’ve only visited London, but I really liked already. Now I had the chance to see more of England’s nature and smaller towns that aren’t the most well-known but definitely worth a visit. Next to nature and cities, the English people were a blessing and just really nice and polite.

I travelled with my family and we rented a car in Bristol to drive down the coast. We stayed in three different cities starting with Newquay. It’s a total surfers paradise and that’s also how the shops and cafes were like, modern and especially good for young people. It was filled tourists which maybe was a little too much, but I guess I can’t say much because in the end I’m a tourist too.

I’ve never surfed before, but I wanted to try it since forever. I had a lesson of two hours which gave me a nosebleed, a big smile and sore muscles. And I’m definitely going to stand on a board soon again.

Our next stay was in Penzance, which is was a little bigger and less touristy than Newquay. Only 15 minutes driving will bring you to St.Michaels Mount, which is an island that you can walk to, during low tides, and you need to take a boat to, during high tides. For the second time we chose to go to Truro, mainly because I wanted to do a little shopping trip, but we ended up spending a lot of time in an old teahouse for high tea. Another day we looked at the Minack Theatre, that’sa theatre built in a cliff where you not only have the view on plays, but also over the ocean. Unfortunately, we couldn’t get tickets anymore for the remaining days.

Our last stop was Falmouth and it was by far my favorite place to stay at. It’s a proper city, maybe not the biggest one but filled with really cool spots. One thing that surprised me a lot but also made me so happy, was that in this little city there were second hand shops on every corner. Especially, because they were really nice ones, that had their one feeling. From this city we also made a trip to the Lost Gardens of Heligan, which is probably more for families but still it’s pretty amazing to see a jungle landscape in the middle of cloudy England.

Once and for all, I loved my time there and I’m looking forward to the next time I can visit. I was extremely surprised of all the unique stores, coffeeshops or restaurants that were in every town, but especially Falmouth was filled with them. I wish I had eternal space for home and decorating pieces, but at least I could take a lot of impressions and pictures with me.

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