La Dolce Vita in Italy

Going on vacation is probably most people’s favorite thing to do. But it’s an adventure itself when you pack your bags for a vacation with your best friends.

With a train and some unlucky train confusion we arrived in the little village Pella in Italy after around six hours. We were eight girls, in a house with three levels that had the rooms inside but the stairways and corridors outside. Our bedroom was a mess, our bathrooms were filled with make-up and we had mountains of food in the kitchen waiting to become our day and midnight snacks. This could be the nightmare for every mother but for us it was the recipe for one week of perfect Italian vacation.

Most of the time we had, we spent on two small boats and floaties in the middle of the lake. Almost catching a sunburn, blasting out loud music that varied from Spanish to English or our personal singing-favorite: Swiss…

On our second day we went up to the church that is literally on the edge of a cliff, which is called “Madonna del Sasso”. To get up there you need to take a train, that looks like a real-life toy-train and barely fits through the little Italian streets. The view from there was absolutely stunning and you could see the whole lake.

The following day we decided to take a boat tour to the other end of Lago d’Orta to see the weekly market of Omegna. Omegna is small and there are parts of it that almost reminded me of pictures from Venice or Amsterdam, but it’s definitely not a huge city. Italian markets are always really nice to stroll through and look at all the little pieces. My favorite part is always the food, which is really authentic! I ended up only buying a foot bracelet and some food for my family.

On our way back to Pella we stopped in Orta, which as my parents would say, is like Italy in the fifties which pretty much sums it up. There are no big stores but little jewelry boutiques and tourist shops.

Italy is always a treat. No matter if you end up in a big city, the beach or like us, a little village at a lake. We had the best week, not just traveling but spending time together. Especially after not seeing most of us for a whole year there’s a lot to catch up with. And something I got to experience was, that even if we didn’t see each other for so long the friendship stayed the same. We definitely didn’t live Italy wrong, because we tried the ice cream, the pizza, the pasta and the wine.

All in all Pella made us feel a little less swiss and a little bit more Italian and I am definitely not mad about it. Ciao and the next destination is England, stay tuned!

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