Stuck in the Airport

16 hours inside Charlotte Airport, North Carolina

Impatiently waiting for the airplane to get faster, until the point where we will take off. But this moment is not going to happen in the next hour. The pilot sends out a message: we are over one hour behind because of a storm over the East Coast. Well, that day we didn’t make it on our second flight from North Carolina to Norfolk. The planned way home from Orlando to Norfolk took us in the end 13 hours longer than expected.

We were stuck. In an airport. Over night. What an adventure, is what I would answer. If something goes wrong you should make the best out of it. And that’s what me and my hostsister did: dancing Zumba in front of a Mexican restaurant, going up and down the escalator, drink some coke, drink coffee, more coke… caffeine kept us awake. After stocking up on snacks that the airplane gave out to the guests that stayed overnight we wanted to talk to people. A lot of other passengers had to stay there so we thought we use this chance for Storytime.

We talked to two fishermen from North Carolina, that showed us pictures from all their trips all around the different waters in America. We told them about our exchange year, about where we went, where we want to go and where we are from. One of them was a little older and he told us about stories of his trips in Europe and how much he liked it.

1 a.m., we met a pilot. He joined our conversation with the others. We kept on asking him questions about flying and how he deals with the responsibility of it. He told us how everyone blames the airplane cancelations on him, even though it’s because of storms or technical difficulties. It only took him one year to become a pilot, and wouldn’t it be with all the responsibilty behind it I would definitely consider this job.

No matter what time it was, we were awake and we were never alone. Someone is always working, cleaning, building or preparing.

This was the perfect ending of my trip to Orlando. It showed me that sometimes things don’t work like you planned them, but it can be the challenge you were waiting for. After those 16 hours without sleep and inside the Charlotte Airport, the only thing I wanted to do was to finally leave it. But I will never regret not going inside a hotel, because once in life you just have to sleep in an airport.

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the bed for the night

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