A whole new world

«The happiest place on earth.»    

Disneyworld doesn’t carry that title for nothing. Last week I could experience the magic in Florida and dive into a completely different world. I really like Disney and all their movies but I am not a fanatic. I can’t sing the soundtrack, I haven’t seen every movie (including Toy Story and the Lion King, yes I know guilty…) Still, I loved every minute in there. The rides might not be huge but they are really detailed and as cute as it can be.

But let’s talk about Magic Kingdoms big center: the castle. It’s in every movie and it’s also pretty disappointing when you realize that you’re not able to go in and that it’s not as sparkling as I imagined it. But let me tell you about one thing that is more magical than I ever expected it: the firework show. Every night at 9 PM they have a huge projected show on the castle, with the most famous songs featuring legendary scenes and matching fireworks that leave you speechless.

“It’s like stepping into all your favorite movies.”

After two days of Magic Kingdom we visited the Universal Studios and Universal’s Island of Adventure. I would definitely recommend you to go to Universal Studios if the weather isn’t great, because most rides are inside. Universal has a lot of 4D experience, where you think you’re on a rollercoaster but it’s only your chair that is moving and for example water or wind in your face. Island of Adventures has more rollercoasters and water rides, but each one is still movie themed. But by far my favorite part was Harry Potter World, which is separated in Diagon Alley in the Universal Studios, including all different stores and Hogwarts and Hogsmeade in Island of Adventures, where it is a must to try the sweet Butterbeer! It was like diving into a new world, full of magic. Also the rest of the park was as if you go from city to city, travel back in tme or into places that don’t even exist.

This was definitely a great experience and also a great last trip with my hostfamily, because in less than a month I’ll fly back and end this year.

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