A Night To Remember

It’s just all of us together and this one perfect moment.

The reason why people choose America as their exchange destination, the sparkling event that you admire: PROM (or in my case Junior Prom which is called Ringdance)

Everyone has their own expectations, some of the most popular movies give us a little taste of holy prom: from Footloose to High School Musical, Back to the Future or Twilight, Grease and Mean Girls. As you see there’s a big chickflix pattern on the list and maybe more girls look forward to show of makeup, hair and princess-like dresses.

But in the end if you buy your ticket it’s something you look forward to, no matter if you have a date or a good group of friends.

My day actually started the night before. To try curling and braiding versions we all slept over at a friends house and we ended up playing games and talking into the night. The next morning started early, because the time is gone faster than you think and after hair, makeup and dressing was finished, we already had to go for pictures. Before taking pictures me and another girl already lost lashes, which ended in a dramatic saving of the neighbor and fortunately we still had enough time to take the pictures, because if you don’t have pictures it didn’t happen (a wise saying of the Americans).

Dinner at the oceanfront and suddenly we were walking the steps into the Aquarium, a great place to have prom, because who doesn’t like to dance almost next to fish and stingrays? And there we were, in a room filled of everyone you see in school but at the same time we all looked so different. The popular crocs are now high heels or polished shoes, jeans and tshirt are switched with a suit or a long dress, everyone is shining (also with sweat because believe me, if you danced you were sweaty, there was no going back). Everyone looked great and everyone also knew they looked great, which left a nice confidence in everyone’s eyes. The songs were the most popular ones at the moment or some all-time favorites of America (like Kiss Me Thru the Phone, if you plan on singing at those dances this one is for sure there) and one where they sing the dancing steps you need to do. The high heels were outside from the first step into the Aquarium, so don’t buy expensive shoes you won’t need them. Of course you also have a king and queen (at Junior Prom it is prince and princess), that gets their title in the middle of the dance, followed by a slow dance.

Don’t go with high expectations, just enjoy the time and dance as if nobody looks at you, everyone will just feel the moment and not think about how others dance. Movies either show the picture perfect night or a horrible night. In real life it probably isn’t the best night of your life, but if you feel good, you will look good and you will dance good. The whole day was a blast, it’s not only prom itself, it’s everything around it that makes it a night to remember.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset
Ringdance 2018
Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset
Ringdance 2018

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