Southern Vibes

Spring Break calls for a new trip and this time I ended up down south. A week ago, I was fully in vacation mood, but that faded as fast as my attempting tan. First, I was tanning (or at least I was trying to) on Cocoa Beach. This was directly next to Cape Canaveral which is famous for the launch of the first rocket in America. And I’m proud to tell you, that I even saw a rocket launch from our balcony. My literal highlight of the week was, when I was flying over the coast of Florida. And if you thought I was flying as a passenger, you were wrong because I was flying it myself (with of course pretty big help of an actual pilot).

After that we went on the road back home, but because the way is around 12 hours of driving we decided to stop on Jekyll-Island and the small city of Savannah, Georgia. Jekyll-Island is one of Georgia’s barrier-islands and extremely beautiful. The whole island is covered in green, is biking and if you bike to a lake you might spot alligators and turtles, which you for sure won’t get on a lake in Switzerland

Savannah. What can I say, Savannah is small, historic and incredibly charming. For me one of the most interesting things was the girl scout’s history that took place in the city. In Savannah the American girl scouts was founded and even if I’d say that the scouts I am part of in Switzerland is more like Americas boy scouts, it was interesting to see how this organization developed.

Savannah is picture perfect. The trees all over the city, a wonderful Soda Pop Shoppe from the 50s and a man that was singing for us, about a beautiful day in the city of Savannah 100 years ago. Unfortunately, that also ended the trip and it ended my spring break.

An important thing for me is no matter where I go, I have to see a sunrise, especially when I’m at the beach. Here you are with a cloudy, early morning in Florida.


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