Exploring Hawaii 2.0

From hiking to the top of the volcano to snorkeling between corals.

Life is about reaching for the top and finding something beautiful on the ground.

Hawaii’s nature is one of a kind, the islands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean have probably some of the most famous beaches and hikes. To experience a little bit of both, I first went on to Diamond Head, which is a volcano on the island of Oahu. The hike was really easy and after walking for less than an hour I was on top of it all with a view over forests, the ocean and Honolulu. Unfortunately we didn’t have perfect weather conditions, but even with a cloudy sky, it was worth it.

Let’s be honest, if you think about the first thing that comes into your head if you hear Hawaii, it’s the beaches that leave us speechless. Almost everyday we somehow ended up on Waikiki Beach, maybe in a sunrise, maybe running in our bikinis because a sudden storm came up. Waikiki Beach, is not only the basic sand and shore, it’s the little things like the music playing from all the small speakers and still harmonizing, the little campfires warming the night and the park right next to the beach, giving you an alternative to all the sand.

But to be honest with you, this wasn’t my favorite beach, I fell in love with Hanauma Bay. Hanauma Bay is a beach in a former volcano along the southeast coast of the Island Oahu. This was the first time I went proper snorkeling and I am afraid of sharks, jellyfish and anything else that’s dangerous in the sea. Even the smallest touch makes me freak out. But none of this mattered anymore when I was diving in the crystal clear water. I saw millions of different fish, every colour, every shape and the thing that made me the happiest girl in the ocean was when I saw two sea turtles. The silence underwater is one of a kind, it’s making you appreciate the whole underwater world even more.

To come to an end, you probably realised that I fell in love with Hawaii and the week I spent there.

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