Exploring Hawaii

It all started with a sunrise in Norfolk, flying over cities, deserts and the endless ocean. Like a little child on Christmas, looking through the airplane window. And as I saw the first parts of Hawaii I wanted to scream and tell everyone to look. Excitement fills me and I can’t believe my eyes, I made it to a place I would normally only dream of. Can this be reality? (thoughts on the fight)

For one week I stayed in Honolulu, Hawaii’s capital and met a ton of new people, that are all in their exchange year in America. Hawaii is incredible and because I haven’t been to a tropical place before, I was gazing at everything when I first walked down Waikiki Beach and enjoyed the sunset. Next to making a lot of new friends, I had the chance to see one of my best friends from Switzerland after half a year, which meant there was a million things to talk about and believe me the moment when you speak your native language again is wonderful and you don’t want to stop.

The first proper day we went around the island of Oahu and made small stops all over the place. We started at the Iolani Palace, which is the only palace in America. Then we continued to visit the Dole Pineapple plantations, where they have the best ice cream I tasted before, that literally melts in your mouth. After drinking out of coconuts and eating on Turtle Bay Beach, tanning in the sun and taking pictures underneath palm trees, we visited the Northshore Beaches. The Northshore Beaches are extremely famous for all the surfers, that try to catch the high waves. In the moment of seeing the magic of riding on the water, I was sure that I need to learn this sport.

The next day started in the early morning and we visited the monument of Pearl Harbor. This visit was silent, as we were walking through the remaining ships of 1941. Before going on the old ship of the USS Arizona we watched a documentary, explaining carefully the whole tragedy. The monument was kept really light and as you had a look over the wrecks you saw colorful fish swimming through the clear water. The most surprising thing was though the remaining oil stains in the water, shimmering and floating the same way as right after the attack.

This blogpost only covers the first two days of my Hawaiian adventure and I hope you will have a look on all the following posts documenting this week.



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