Life as an Exchange Student pt.2


Hi everyone!

Much later than expected I finally took the time to write down all the good things and amazing opportunities you get as an exchange student, because my last blogpost pointed out all the hard things that come with this adventure it’s now time for some positivity.

The most obvious point is of course living a completely different life on the other side of the world. I live in a different house, and even though I left my family in Switzerland and nothing could ever replace them, I can live with the sister I never had before. Of course, me and my hostsister annoy each other occasionally, but after living together for 5 months we never had a real fight, and I am pretty sure we will never do, because I am too thankful for having her by my side. With her I found a sister for a lifetime.

With a new life in my age, High School and friends are of course in the middle of everything. I like my school in Switzerland a lot and it was always easy for me because I never moved before, so even after changing school last year, I saw a lot of familiar face. So believe me, the first time seeing people in the hallways of Landstown, that I knew and that said a simple “hi”, was a great moment. In general, I was lucky to meet tons of open and loving people that I can call my friends now. Those people make this experience great and I wish I could bring all of them with me to Switzerland.

For all the Americans reading this, I was so excited to come because I heard so much about America. All the stereotypical High School things like Cheerleaders and Footballplayers, being really excited to go to Target for the first time, to take the yellow school bus (not as great as I thought it will be) or driving in someone’s car that is not your parents.

About a week ago I started dreaming in English, a moment that was so overwhelming and unbelievable. English is of course not the hardest language existing, but to make this step, to think in English even in your sleep made me really happy.

Being an exchange student means getting to know a new culture and telling everyone about yours, it means seeing a new part of the world, but not as a tourist and still having a little bit of a tourist feeling for a year. Being an exchange student means making unforgettable memories and friends and it means having something new every day. To make it short, being an exchange student means that you will always have a part of you in another place of the world, where you can always go back to and find one completely different year of yours.

On Friday I will take my way to Hawaii, meeting one of my best friends from Switzerland and again living the most amazing life as an exchange student. So stay tuned for me showing you beautiful Oahu soon.


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