A weekend in Washington DC

In the heart of America.

Thanks to my hostfamily I had the chance to visit another big city of the US and experience the lovely atmosphere of Washington DC. The city is around 3 hours away of my house and after this little roadtrip we started the sightseeing.

So to give you a little overview, there is the so called mall in Washington, now you might think of a shopping mall, but actually it is an area next to a park. In this area there are so many museums and they are all so different, there’s an art museum, a natural history one, the museum of American history and so on. On one end there is the immense Washington Monument, which is in the form of a white obelisk, at the other end there is the Capitol, which is a huge white house but it’s not the White House, it’s where the laws get discussed and built.

And now the actual White House. When we went to see the home of the president, I was a little bit disappointed. We found it because there was a big group of people in front of a barrier, trying to get the best selfie with a house, far away. After giving our best to take a photo, we got kicked out of our spot. A crazy experience as the police sends everyone away and we spot several snipers on a building next to this area looking out for danger. Apparently, the president or another important person, was flying in with his helicopter, because of that everyone had to leave.

I really wanted to go inside the White House, but that’s only possible if you ask your embassy 2-3 months before the visit, so we were too late. And from the outside it’s not that special, I definitey preferred the Capitol. And can we take a moment to realize that “casablanca” sounds so much better than “the White House”, so thanks to my spanish hostsister for introducing me into some spansish vocabulary.

We visited also three museums, which two of them are in the mall area and one of them was a little bit outside, but definitely recommended!

And that was the Holocaust Museum, it’s very dark and cold but it documents the whole tragedy of world war II and it made me want to read a lot more about the victims in this time, and finishing the diary of Anne Frank. The other to museums were first the Museum of American History, which I didn’t like too much, and it was kind of dry, and second the National Museum of the American Indian, which I liked more and I thought we should visit it, because it’s a big part of America’s culture and I don’t know a lot about it.

Washington is full of parks and memorials, and I totally fell in love with the park around the Lincoln Memorial. There is a big reflection pool, acting as a mirror for the Washington Monument and a wonderful park around it.

Because we only were there for one weekend, we couldn’t take a lot of time to just be in the city and enjoy an afternoon in the park, which to be honest is my favorite thing to do. Just sitting in maybe a coffeeshop or on a bench, writing some cards and taking your time.


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